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At our manufacturing facility in Kingston, we have the ability to customize your kitchen to the last detail. From layout specifications, specialty shape or colour cabinets, to finishing details like hardware and kitchen accessories, we will make your kitchen just the way you want it. Being local, we are always available for service, modifications, or additions after the sale. Because we are the manufacturer, you save money by buying directly from us.


In the tradition of woodworkers in his family, Hans Splinter, who emigrated from the Netherlands with his family at age 2, started building kitchens in Kingston over 30 years ago. Hans was a pioneer in the local kitchen industry, combining quality craftsmanship with the latest innovations in technology and kitchen design. Hans has built thousands of kitchens in the Kingston area over the years. His kitchens are known for standing the test of time; if there is a 20-year-old kitchen in Kingston that still looks good, chances are Hans built it.


Dave and Ted were born into the business and have spent their whole lives in the industry. They know the standards that a Splinter Kitchen must meet, and that's why they work hard to ensure that every job ends with a happy customer, and a kitchen built to last.

Along with Hans, our team at DT Splinter Custom Kitchens are uncompromising in our commitment to satisfying customers. Come visit our showroom today and start planning your perfect kitchen.

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Our showroom is always open to customers and an appointment is not necessary. Stop by any time.

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Sometimes it's easy to see the problem but hard to see the solution. We can come to your house and provide layout suggestions to help you visualize the possibilities.